Drumbeat Interrogation

This fat, ugly slave has a big trust fund and gives the Mean Girls all the money he gets from it every month. That's the only reason they keep it around. It is like sooo gross to them. But it literally PAYS them just to let it wait on them hand and foot..and it is SO obedient. Anyway, the entire payout he gets each month from his trust fund goes to Miss Lexi Chase and Princess Amber- but now they have decided that they want a BIG LUMP SUM PAYMENT!  In other words, they want it ALL....and theyy want it like, NOW!

And they WILL get the info out of this slave regarding how to pull ALL the money out of his trust fund at once and totally empty his account! They have "ways" of extracting the info they want from slaves....and they WANT THE PASSWORD to his trust account!

The slave is strapped into the "Testicle Drumbeat Interrogation Chair". Its sooo easy to use to break slaves because they simply fool the oaf into thinking there will be some "reward" for this LOL. But once he is strapped in, each of them takes turns simply "beating his balls" with a simple tap of her foot so that he will give them all of his money!!

Each step they take on the pedal drives the rock-hard drum-beater right into his BALLS! Its basically like getting hit with a HAMMER on your ballsAnd they are tied in place with rope so each foot-stomp delivers a DIRECT HIT! So much fun and SO easy to deliver PAIN right to this loser's nuts!

The funnest part? Even as Lexi and Amber are beating his balls and yelling at him that they "just want all his money!!!" do you know the reason the slave finally breaks down and starts literally CRYING and begging them not to take it all at once?? Because he is afraid they will get rid of him and they won't let him SERVE them anymore!! HAHAHAHA..... They are beating his balls to mush and taking all his money- and all he cares about is STILL being kept around and USED as their BITCH to wait on them hand & foot!

Amber and Lexi are sooo hot though...can you blame him?? ALL men want to serve them and be used by them. But the slave is afraid that without his monthly payments they may just discard him completely...he ends up literally BEGGING them to keep him around and "continue using him as their slave" because his pathetic life will have no meaning if he isn't allowed to serve them anymore!

Watch this video to see if Amber and Miss Lexi Chase break the slave- AND his balls!