Easy Money

I have decided that the Mean Girls and I are going to be using you for some very EXTREME content, for our own benefit of course. We are bored of losers simply “serving” us by doing chores and laying tribute at our feet. Now we wanna cause you some very real PHYSICAL pain! Extreme brutality, high-risk! Additionally, I will use you for experiments in "unhealthy living".

I will feed you nonstop JUNK. (haha it might be fun to make a slave live off of NOTHING but donuts! Like donuts for breakfast, lunch, and dinner EVERY day!!) ohh and I am also going to use you as a human ashtray EVERY day and you will be eating cigarette butts. Like 10 a day prolly. The best part! The Life Insurance policy!! Yup, we are gona make you get a $2M Life Ins policy- paid out to The Mean Girls!! So we are gona have FUN getting you FAT and full of cancer sticks and treating you like dirt 24/7!

Maybe we will even use you as a FULL HUMAN TOILET toward the end! Imagine us LAUGHING and CELEBRATING your demise because we dont care about you at ALL- all we care about is the MONEY we are gona make whn you finally "go"! HAHA!! It will be so much fun... This clip will be great for depressed slaves, fat lazy slaves, slaves who want to end it all, as well as those that are simply poor and worthless!

THIS will actuallly give your life some MEANING! We are taking applications…

- Miss Lexi Chase

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