Eating Amber's Trash

I've been going on dates with this SUPER hot guy lately, and he calls me to let me know that he's taking me out to a fancy dinner again tonight. While waiting for him to come and get me, my newest slave crawls over from his corner where I had him stored, and dares to complain that I've been so busy going on dates with my new boyfriend lately that he hasn't been able to eat any of the crumbs of food that I would normally leave for him from my meals at home.  Awww....too bad, so sad for slave!  Maybe it thinks I will bring home some leftovers from my dates for him?  LOL....NOT!

And since I'm really not concerned with his eating habits, I decide to make him rummage through my trash can for some calories LOL. There were SOOOOO many goodies in my trash that I wanted to make sure NONE of them went to waste.

So I made sure to stuff this losers mouth FULL until my date arrived HAHA!!  I go out for filet minion, while this Amber-obsessed loser sits at home dreaming about ME with one of my old tamppon wrappers shoved in its mouth for its "dinner"!  LOL

-Princess Amber