Euro Trash Abuse

In this clip we just generally abuse this foreign loser that is like a huuuge fan of ours and wrote in to us.

We have already kidnaped him from his hotel room, taken all his money (in other clips) and now we have him strung up out in our "punishment garage" in the middle of the desert and are going to HURT him- like BAD. We tell him this to his face too- and he is like SO scared! HAHAHA.

We whip him while he hangs in front of us helplessly from chains and he just SCREAMS like a little girl!! He totally cannot take it. He is such a wimp! So we just beat on him some more and laugh.  He told us in his emails to the site before he came here that he wanted to SUFFER for us and that we should ignore his please for mercy- no  matter how "convincing" they may be!  So me n Chanel were happy to oblige with that request haha!

Then we take a Smoke break while he is hanging there like a piece of meat, and we use his mouth as our personal ashtray. Like, we seriously have NO respect for this piece of human garbage. 

Then we unhook him and flop him down onto the floor- so we can WALK ALL OVER HIM like the euro-trash that he is. LOL This slave is a TOTAL wimp BTW. He like can't take anything. He screams and begs for mercy like a little bitch as soon as he is hit a few times. But we don't care...we keep walking all over him in our stilettos anyways.  We think his screams are kinda funny, actually.