Exploiting A Foot-Loser


You keep reminding me that i'm such a fucking loser that I have to pay you just to let me jerk off to your feet. And that i'm so addicted that nothing else can make me cum anymore. Knowing Your power over the situation, You tell me that the rules are changed and this time there will be a double payment. The first one will be to gain permission to jerk off to your feet. Once the payment is done, You take off your shoes and show your feet, giving me permission to start stroking. You keep on mocking me and making me feel so pathetic right up until the moment that I have to pay you again- this time to gain permission to actually cum. You instruct me again to send the tribute and then You order me to pay You. Once the second payment is done, You order me to get on my knees in font of the screen, and to kiss your soles through it, while thanking Your Feet for taking my money. With this scenario You start the final countdown to make me cum. The amounts of the tributes will be of your choice.

FEATURING: Princess Ashley