Fine Dining at Mean Girl Manor

I invited my friend Nika Venom from Brat Princess over to enjoy a nice slave-served dinner at Mean Girl Manor. She brought her personal slave with her, and we both enjoyed our fine dining experience, being served hand and foot by the house slaves. We each had our own personal slave literally kneeling at our feet, starving- as we dined on whatever we wanted haha. And the house butler slave was serving our various courses as we relaxed.
This is very much a "reality" type clip and we chat about our respective clip stores, our fans and worshipers, etc... And every now and then we drop a scrap of food on the floor for our slaves to scurry and beg for. LOL They are so hungry and overworked. Oh well...whatever. That is NOT my concern. They are so lucky just to serve girls as hot as us...and they better fucking know it.
You can watch the clip to hear what we talk about and what we think about slaves in our normal day-to-day conversation. Oh, and at one point we had trouble hearing each other because the table at MGM is sooo long, so we had to send our slaves back and forth to relay our messages to each other! haha

- Princess Amber

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