Full Fuckover Orgasm

Want to have the most complete and emptying orgasm? Well, This hippnosis clip is here to help you. We're so nice aren't we? We just want to break down that last wall that's been holding you back. You have thought about sending a girl a gift on her wishlist as an act of surrender..and sure maybe you have even sent something you can afford. But that orgasm was nothing compared to the explosion you will get after this extended 22minute video.

There is just something about taking things to the NEXT level...There is just something about knowing you have done the ultimate, most destructive and painful thing you can for a girls attention and acknowledgement. But you need to really fuck yourself over to get an email from us. We want to tell you that we are so proud of you for letting us help you get to the point that you will intentionally give us your rent money the day before it's due or your car gets repossessed. After we stop laughing at you we will email you and congratulate you for fucking yourself over for us!

But wait...you keep chickening out and not sending tributes and gifts, right? well...This video has secret audio and visuals that will allow you to relax and give you permission to succeed in really getting the best orgasm out of this. Use headphones and listen 22 minute video repeatedly until your bank account reaches the magic number, then you have the biggest orgasm of your life.

- Goddess Nikkole and Empress Jennifer

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