A Garage Sale For Mean Girls

Like any American, I have accumulated a bunch of useless stuff that I don’t want anymore. BUT Instead of throwing this stuff away in the trash where it probably belongs, I know a business opportunity when I see one!

SO I decided to have my slaves gather a bunch of old stuff that I don’t need anymore… like some whips, handcuffs, debt contracts…. (Because I have BRAND NEW ONES! DUHHH)  And….a really old, pathetic slave that I’ve deemed totally useless!

It’s not long at all before my hot nextdoor neighbor makes her way over and eyes up all my old goodies! She seemed a bit confused why I was getting rid of some of this stuff, (Like the perfectly good shock collars and sturdy handcuffs) but I explained that I’ve used so many men over the years that I needed a refresh of supplies.

I think she was a little hesitant to purchase some of the tools I had laid out, but once she saw that loser in a cage waiting to be literally bought as human property, she KNEW she just had to have it! (I mean, what’s the point of being a super hot girl if you’re not literally owning using pathetic men?) I was VERY motivated to sell that old bag of bones anyway, so I decided to give Lexi an INCREDIBLE deal..

We haggled a little bit on the price (it came down to just a few measly dollars and a hefty debt contract that this loser signed) but we finally came to an agreement, and had that caged freak start serving its new owner straight away!