Giant Miss Dandy Tramples Little Slave

Our brand new Mean Girl, the Amazonian Mistress herself...Miss Dandy got to do her first trample clip. And she was so excited! Her foot is literally half the size of the slave's torso! It was so incredible watching her excitement as she crushed the slave under her big, perfect feet.

Mistress Dandy could literally snap this slave in two...probably with one! The slave I gave her to use already sucks at taking trampling so you know it was severely suffering underneath her size 10 amazing feet. But we don't care about our was all about Miss Dandy.

Since this is all new for Miss Dandy it is so fun for her to learn all the things we get to do as Mean Girls. The Gorgeous Miss Dandy oozes so much sex appeal and the fact that she is so tall and has such large, perfect feet is so hot!

Miss Dandy is so different from any other Mean Girl we have ever had and I can't wait for us to experience her full potential as a Mean Girl. Stay tuned for even more clips with Miss Dandy!

-Goddess Platinum