Goddess Alexis's Foot-Perv Punishment

Goddess Alexis is laying out and catching some sun while enjoying her stay at the Mean Girl Manor when she calls you over and demands a footmassage from you. Then she notices that you are getting a hardon from rubbing her feet! She scolds it for being unable to control it's urges around her size 10 feet. She decides that the only way to punish you - and make sure she can get some real relaxation and service - is to pound the cum out of your cock. So she commands you to turn your cock over to her so she can go to work on it with both her hands and feet at the same time! She even teases it with her looong nails while mocking you for being SOOO pathetic for her FEET.

And then at the end she makes you a deal, slave- She will make you cum with just her gorgeous feet rubbing and pressing on your cock AND you will get to be her personal slave for the rest of your life after she squeezes the cum out of your cock. BUT- you will be locked up in chastity for the rest of your miserable, pathetic life...will you be able to resist? Or is your urge to cum on her feet too much for you to resist? Even if it leads to a life of chastity and frustration...just for one spurt of cum on her feet.

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