Goddess Draya Humbles No Nuts

Princess Amber and Goddess Draya have the house bitches lined up and awaiting their painful fates. It’s been a full twenty four hours and these Mean Girls still haven’t gotten over the fact that one of the slaves MISPRONOUNCED Goddess Draya’s name!!!! So in order to get “over it”, the girls decide to punish this loser until they feel better.

Princess Amber left this loser in a humbler ever since it EMBARRASSED itself in front of her and Goddess Draya, and now they’re gonna use this to their advantage. The loser is already in pain having its balls pulled back tight behind its legs, and now they’re gonna use CROPS to further humble this pathetic useless beta! What’s funny is, Princess Amber had already beaten this loser in the humbler for mispronouncing Draya’s name before (Be Humbler For Mean Girls) and Princess Amber was pretty ruthless then, so imagine how ANGRY Princess Amber and Goddess Draya feel now! Goddess Draya says she hold grudges, so who knows how long it will be for her to forget what this loser did (ON MULTIPLE OCCASIONS)

Princess Amber and Goddess Draya have their way with this loser, tormenting it for being a disappointment, while the other slaves kneel and watch. Even though the bring this beta to tears…. is this punishment enough???? LOL (I don’t think so & neither do they)

- Goddess Venus


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