Goddess No Meets Ms. Moore

I was in attendance at the recent Fetcon convention in Tampa, where I ran into Randy Moore. We have actually been a fan of each others' videos for quite some time, and were excited to meet each other. I totally wanted to hang out at her booth for awhile and meet some of you losers that buy our videos. The only problem is she is SO much fucking TALLER than me!!
Luckily, my legless welcome-matt slave was being stored under the booth! So we ordered it to crawl out and lay down at our feet IMMEDIATELY so I would have something to stand on! It was fucking AWESOME. It was SO much softer under my feet than the hard floor and I was almost the same height as Randy Moore now, with the combination of My stiletto heels and the slave underneath them! :)

And btw YES, this is totally REAL and done RIGHT OUT IN PUBLIC on the convention floor. I don't give a fuck where I use my slaves. -GoddessNO