Goon for Our Legs

Hot girls are ALWAYS looking for a reason to wear a bikini to show off our PERFECT bodies. In this case, the weather was nice enough to wear them out on the balcony above the pool. Princess Alexandria and I were have a deep meaningful conversation while sipping on our sparkling water when this LOSER rudely interrupts us! (Like who the fck does it think it is?!?!?!) I literally SNAP at this beta for messing up our conversation and continue to ignore it.

Barley a MINUTE had passed and it INTERRUPTS us AGAIN!!!  So now I just knew that I had to deal with it if I was going to enjoy the rest of my day without being disturbed.  I asked this dummy WHAT it could possibly want at this fcking second.

Apparently I FORGOT to let it out of chastity, BFD!  Princess Alexandria was appalled by this beta for even mentioning something so MEANINGLESS (she ALMOST spilled her sparkling water because of it!)  I guess its tiny little beta cock had been locked up for a loooong time and it just couldn't take it anymore with Alexandria and I standing right in front of it with our perfect bodies in our bikinis haha. Especially when I had promised to unlock it earlier...and got its poor beta hopes up.  The combo was just too much for the beta. lol

So We decided to mess with this loser for being SO ANNOYING! I let it out of its chastity and we allow it to GOON FOR OUR LEGS! Hahaha. This obviously isn’t an open season for this slave to stare at as and stroke its cock, Ew. There are RULES that is must follow… like keeping its eye gaze BELOW THE LOSER LINE! That’s right, the "Loser Line" is this invisible line that only BETAS can see (its actually painful if they look above this line…because we HIT them right across the face if they do!  hahaha)

We tease this loser and tell it to stroke to our perfect legs (well it either strokes while staring at our legs or NOT at all!) It obviously doesn’t pass on the opportunity to touch itself and gets hard just staring at our strong smooth legs! Real men obviously don’t stroke to legs LOL, and we make sure to remind this loser of that!

We humiliate and INSULT the beta, and yet it continues to stroke like a fool for us. Betas are SO pathetic.  Eventually it has to BEG for permission to cum (It’s literally not allowed to cum unless it BEGS for OUR permission!) And well…’ll see what happens hahaha.

Princess Amber

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