Harley's First Ballbust

Harley is my "Amazon" friend that is a dancer at a local club. She is BEAUTIFUL but she is a true GLAMAZON! She is almost 6 feet tall and weighs 150 pounds of muscle! I thought it would be AWESOME to bring her to Mean Girl Manor to abuse some slaves with me as my “muscle”. ;) (Since I am kind of on the “petite” side- although I can be BRUTAL for my size!) :) And Harley loved it because she has a bit of a mean streak in her and has been having a bad week with the idiot male customers she has to deal with at the club anyway…
So I gave Harley a slave to kick as hard as she wanted right in the nuts. We made it jerk off for us like the pervs that she deals with at work- and then we just KICKED it in the nuts whenever we felt like it as punishment for being sucha perv! Haha. (It must be a total mindfuck to try to jerk off to two hot girl while they kick you in the nuts the entire time? LOL) Anyways, Harley was shocked that the loser was actually able to keep his fucking HARDON the whole time no matter how hard we kicked it! LOL! I bragged that it is just really well trained- and completely PATHETIC. (Or we are just THAT hot?? Haha)
So we totally had some fun at this loser’s expense. (Or the expense of his BALLS lol.)

-Goddess Nikkole

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