Heel-Raaped Employee

You have been working for me n Ashley's company now for awhile. And EVERY woman at the company complains about you. They can ALL tell that you are a LOSER and always catch you staring at every woman's legs in the office like a perv. So we have decided to "coerce you out" by humiliating the FUCK out of you until you quit. We call you into our office. And the first thing we want you to do is hump Chanel's leg since you seem to be sooo obsessed with women's legs haha. But she doesn't want you actually touching her leg! So she is gonna wear a latex boot for you to hump, K? Oh, and then we are going to fuck you. NO, not like THAT, you idiot! You are going to get down on all fours, pull your pants down, and let Chanel RAM the heel of her shoe up your ass while we both laugh at you! Haha! Oh, and there is a special surprise for you at the end, loser... FEATURING: Princess Ashley, Princess Chanel