Heels That Heal

This is a true story, but we had to kinda reenact the first 30 seconds or so to catch it all on camera.  I am walking by this fat loser that we are keeping in the corner, and it refuses to bow down to me as I walk by!!  (This is something I get like a HUGE kick out of- I absolutely love making the fucking losers around here literally bow down to me like I am fucking royalty...Meghan Markle aint got nothin on ME! Haha.)


So I demand it tell me why it is not bowing down to my royal ass, and it says that it's "back hurts" LOL!  So I decide to use my HEELS to HEAL it!  It is like stiletto acupuncture LOL.  I make it flop onto the floor and proceed to stomp all over its "delicate" back in my needle-thin Louboutins.


BTW this is totally true - this slave's back was "out" or whatev - and it was in total agony throughout this clip.  (You can tell by the look on its face that it is like hating it haha.)  And it actually was MUCH better after I got done walking all over it!  See??  I am like a doctor or something!  Anyone else want to experience my "Louboutin miracle back cure"?  Haha.  It is worth the pain, slave...Princess Skylar will make you all better after you suffer enough.


-Princess Skylar

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