Hooters Waitress Training

So Skylar is the hottest waitress at Hooters- and she KNOWS it!  She makes a ton of $$$ and barely works.  The customers are all just desperate to sit in HER section- no matter how terrible her "service" is or how badly she treats them.  She is so hot that they don't care- as long as they get to interact with her in SOME way! 

Amber is a potential new "Hooters Girl" that is "shadowing" Skylar for the day.  Skylar is supposed to show her around, explain to her how to do the job, etc.  Amber can't believe what she is seeing though!  Amber is used to working at a "normal" restaurant, where there are men AND women customers, and you need to provide good customer service, get their orders right, and work hard.  Skylar barely lifts a finger and literally INSULTS her customers right in front of Amber!  She calls this overweight guy "tubby" and tells him he is FAT right to his face!!  And that is only the beginning.

Skylar explains to Amber that it doesn't matter- loser guys do NOT come to Hooters for the service or food. (Honestly, both totally suck.)  They come here to be around HOT GIRLS- and as such, we can basically bring the food out whenever we feel like it and treat the customers like craap- and we will STILL get super big tips!  Amber is amazed and says she should have been working here all along!  Skylar totally agrees, and decides to give her a "demo" using one of her pathetic regulars that is totally obsessed with her.

Skylar INTENTIONALLY brings him a salad when she KNOWS he ordered a bunch of fried food.  She tells him right to his face (and right in front of Amber) that he is "too fat to order that" and that he is having a salad- whether he wants it or not!  When he DARES to even begin to raise a slight complaint about it, she puts the salad ON THE FLOOR AT HER FEET and orders him to "eat it off the floor like the pig you are"- and to Amber's delight, he actually DOES it!!  Now the girls are going to start REALLY having fun!  Because Skylar explains that this is still literally only the begining- "she aint seen nothin yet!"

The fat customer asks if he can "at least have some dressing for his salad"- and Skyler proceeds to HACK UP HUGE LOOGIES AND SPIT THEM RIGHT ONTO HIS SALAD!!  "There you go, fatso!  THERE'S your 'dressing'!"  And the girls both have a good laugh at his expense as he obediently does whatever Skylar orders him to!

Then Skylar decides to "up the ante" and makes the fat loser LITERALLY LICK THE CHICKEN GREASE OFF THE SOLES OF HER WORK SHOES!  And to add insult to injury, she makes the loser PAY her for the chicken grease!  (Her rationale to Amber is: "Because it has been stepped on by ME- and I am SO far out of his league that he is LUCKY that I let him lick the grease off the soles of my shoes that has been stepped on by ME!")  So Amber wants the bottom of HER old work flats licked clean now TOO!  AND she wants to be PAID for it too now, bitch!  And Skylar is so nice, she let's Amber take some money from this "good regular customer" of hers too!

Then Skylar "goes on BREAK"!  Her and Amber LAUGH about how "hard she has been working" and how she DESERVES a break!  She even orders her "regular customer" to GO WAIT HER TABLES FOR HER while SHE is on break!  AND he has to fetch her tips and deliver them to her!  AND he has to wait on HER and bring HER order to her, because SHE wants to eat while she is on break now!

Amber is in awe of this and cannot WAIT to work here!  Skylar says she hasn't even seen the best part!  She makes the fatass loser literally lay on the floor and RUB HER FEET while she is on break and enjoying HER lunch!  She even ties her old tennis shoe that she has been wearing to work for YEARS to his FACE so he has to inhale her FOOT SCENT the entire time he is rubbing her feet!!  Skylar explains to Amber that girls like her are SO fucking hot that old losers like this crave ANYTHING they can get from them- even their spit, or the rank smell of their old shoes.  And she makes the fat old man literally PAY her just to let him rub her feet!!  

THIS IS A GREAT CLIP AND TRULY SHOWS HOW HOT GIRLS CAN GET ANYTHING THEY WANT FROM PATHETIC OLD LOSERS- AS LONG AS THEY KNOW HOW HOT THEY ARE, AND USE IT TO THEIR ADVANTAGE!  Follow this series to see how Amber does as a "Hooters Girl" once SHE joins the team, after learning so much from Skyalr as her "trainer"!

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