I am an Influencer


Miss Lexi Chase and Princess Amber are major social media influencers that have checked into a hotel. They are trying to take selfies for their millions of followers, but the lighting in the room is terrible! They are like sooo upset. They call down to the front desk to complain and demand that the manager be sent to their room so they can berate him personally!

When the manager arrives, he recognizes who his very special guests are...and he is blown away. He literally drops to his knees before them and starts gushing about what a HUGE fan he is! They are just like "whatever" because he is a nobody compared to them and they have like millions of adoring fans. He is just some peon to them- and they tell him that right to his face! But they are SO hot (and they KNOW it!) that he just puts up with their condescending insults and continues to grovel at their feet. Lexi and Amber are used to this sort of treatment everywhere they go. They are SO stuck up now because of their fame on "The Gram".

They decide to torment the manager by threatening to RUIN his business by leaving a bad review on social media about his hotel, which will DESTROY his business because of their huge following!! The manager becomes desperate to please them- he says he will "do ANYTHING" to make them happy! So Lexi and Amber decide to see if he really means it...and they will really put him to the test!

Lexi and Amber make the pathetic manager literally worship their feet and BEG them not to destroy his hotel's business...and they seem to REALLY enjoy HUMILIATING him simply for their own entertainment!!

FEATURES: Lots of foot worship, humiliation, shoe worship, and some findom and face slapping

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