It Deserves Spikes

Goddess Platinum and I are in the mood to kick a slave in the balls. I am finding that it is just SO much fun to command a grown "man" to stand there with its legs spread and simply LET you run up and kick it in the balls as hard as you want! Watching him crumble at your feet is so...empowering! We decided to cause some REAL fear in this slave though- by wearing shoes covered in SPIKES!

And this old loser STILL has to stand there like a fool and "spread 'em" whenever we command it to!! We kick it from the front AND back- so sometimes it doesn't even know when or where the kick is coming from! All he knows will be coming from a foot covered in SPIKES! Poor loser. And we literally make it THANK US for it afterward too! After all, I AM British- so I insist on slaves being ULTRA polite to me! No matter how badly I abuse them.

-Queen Grace