Kissing A Mean Girl

Princess Amber has been getting a BUNCH of slave applications. Its almost as if these losers are getting bred on a farm and sent directly to the Mean Girl Manor hahahaha Anyways, Princess Amber and Princess Skylar are sitting on the couch talking about the newest loser to apply to serve them and talk about how pathetic it is before allowing it to crawl in on its hands and knees.

Princess Amber and Princess Skylar ask it a bunch of questions and if it has ever kissed a girl before. They could tell that it was obviously LYING when it told them that it had lol… Thats not even the worst part. Apparently this illiterate twat thought it was going to have a THREE SOME with these two Mean Girls. (Hahahahahahahaha AS IF!) But Princess Amber just couldn’t help herself and played into this fantasy and made it believe they were in on it, after they made it strip down naked and humiliate it.

Princess Amber winks and Princess Skylar so she knows its just a mean prank. Princess Amber tells this loser to close its eyes and pucker up and they will “lean in” for a kiss. However this loser got the ONLY kiss it could ever have from a SUPER HOT mean girl, when Amber shoves its foot right in its face. Planting the bottom of her sole onto its beta lips hahahaha. Skylar and Amber laugh hysterically as they take pictures and videos of this loser. They completely humiliate and degrade this loser as they talk about all the ways in which they will use it. What a lucky beta to even be in their presence!

- Princess Alexandria


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