Leashed to My Louboutins

This slave bought Miss Lexi Chase a new pair of extremely expensive Louboutin ankle boots. They have a special metal loop on the back of the heel. Miss Chase has decided to permanently attach the slave's leash to these boots! He will literally have his chain attached to her boots forever- and will be required to crawl behind her everywhere she goes whenever she wears them! (Yes, even out in public!)

This poor slave will be forever attached to Miss Chase's new Louboutin ankle boots, STARING at them a few inches from his face, while being kept in permanent chastity and he will NOT even be allowed to touch them while they are on her perfect little feet right in front of his stupid face! Miss Chase just loves tormenting the slave like this....haha!  He will have to stare at what he wants more than anything else in life just inches from his face- but can NEVER have! 

When Lexi takes the boots off and puts them in her closet, the slave will be stored in the closet as well, along with the boots!  As far as Lexi is concerned, this stupid slave is now a PART of her boots!  Like it is nothing more than an "accessory" or a fashion statement. Imagine all the looks and attention she will get when she wears them to the mall!  LOL

And this stupid fat loser will spend the rest of its pathetic life doing nothing but cleaning and polishing these boots in her shoe closet...until she decides to wear them again!

It will be a lifetime of torment for the slave- literally dedicating its entire life to Miss Chase's boots, and crawling behind her in worship of Her beauty whenever she wears them...

This clip shows Miss Chase walking throughout Mean Girl Manor, testing out the slave's crawling abilities...it better get used to this and learn to keep up with Miss Chase's steps...


***How would YOU like to buy Miss Lexi Chase a new pair of designer shoes- and spend the rest of your life literally attached to them, crawling behind her...???***