Lexi Beats Her Chore Whores

Lexi Chase is in NO MOOD to mess around today. She has the house betas lined up waiting for instructions. The Mean Girl Manor is a MESS, and Lexi wants everything to be PERFECT!

Unfortunately, if you want something done right you have to do it yourself. But Mean Girls don’t do chores… instead they BEAT LOSERS to do the chores for them (and SUPER FAST!) The house betas will slack if they don’t get beaten from time to time. It's almost like their stupid beta brains forget that we actually check their work.

Miss Lexi Chase walks around with her crop, beating the slaves as they work, DEMANDING that they do BETTER, and do it FASTER! The Mean Girls like to entertain a lot, so the manor gets dirty super dirty. Lexi finds Princess Amber and Princess Skylar getting ready in the bathroom (they have alphas coming over) which only stresses Lexi out more. The slaves are cleaning SO SLOW, which means Lexi Chase will have to beat them even HARDER (which she doesn’t mind doing LOL)

By the time Lexi gets done whipping the slaves walks back and forth throughout the house to check the slave’s progress, which obviously makes her feet get super sweaty! (Guess some loser will have to clean those too before the guests arrive)

Luckily for you losers, you get to see Lexi Chase get her perfect feet worshiped at the end!

- Princess Amber

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