Lick Your Ball Bits Off Our Feet

Princess Mia and Goddess Reign just finished kicking this losers balls with their BARE FEET, and now they want them licked clean! The command the broken balled beta to lick their feet in the EXACT spots where their feet smashed its nutz up into its stomach lol. Can you imagine how humiliating that must be????

FIRST, it gets its balls kicked in (yelling in agony) THEN it has to lick the bits of its balls that stuck to their perfect princess feet LOL. I bet it always wanted its “balls licked” but didn’t have this in mind HAHAHAHA. But thats the life of a gross pathetic beta…. Constantly being beat up and humiliated by the girls of its dreams. And the girls of its dreams just happens to be FOREVER out of its league and doesn’t give a fuck about it.

At some point Princess Mia is shoving her foot aggressively into the slaves mouth that her toenails actually cut it open LOL. It was super annoying cause we had to cut the clip since the cc companies are super annoying about seeing red stuff. But we made the slave suck all the “unspeakable fluids” off of her feet and laughed about how it got injured just by licking a pretty girls toes hahahahaha.

- Princess Amber

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