Making You My Masochist!

Since taking on this new pet loser, I had to figure out what he was useful for! Now I know that EVERY pathetic beta thinks they can handle ANYTHING! But this one assured me he would do WHATEVER I told him.

I told him I wanted to try out trampling on him and that he should just lay there and take the pain like a good boy. I mean this is EVERY loser's dream cum true! Having a SUPER HOT goddess walk all over them, he was extremely lucky for that privilege! Despite my lack of jumping on him, this freak whaled like a miserable bitch and told me he just couldn't do it and yelled "I'm not a masochist!!!" Pshhht, I didn't even wear my sharpest heels... maybe the second or third sharpest, but he was being sooooo whiney and pathetic.

Since he FAILED to let me trample him as long as I wanted, I got into his face and explained that losers get punished when they DISAPPOINT ME!!!
I go and grab his leash and him DRAG him away for further torment!