Mean Girl Scout Gets Her Ball Busting Badge

As the Mean Girl Scout Leader, Amber is constantly trying to push me to do my absolute best. There are SO MANY badges and pins I need to earn (like, I had no idea) and today I was trying to get my ball busting badge! Mean Girl Scouts are determined to earn ALL their badges, no matter how much pain these losers have to endure! Amber decided I could kick one of the camp counselors (even tho he didn’t seem excited about it) Like why wouldn’t he want me to get my badge?!?! That’s so selfish of him, ughh!

Princess Amber put a leash and collar on him to hold him in place while I kicked him OVER and OVER again! It’s so funny the way he falls down in pain hahaha! I REALLY wanted to do a good job (Amber said that my sister earned a ball busting pin, so I WANTED to earn a pin too!) I never knew how much fun destroying balls could be. Princess Amber even showed me some different techniques (and yelled at the pervy camp counselor when he WHINED about getting kicked by us HOT Mean Girl Scouts) That’s literally a privilege so like what’s even his deal? I was kicking this loser A BUNCH! (Harder each time) You could tell that Amber wanted to join in too because its just SOOOO much fun, plus she knew that if we destroyed this UGGO’S nut sack that there’s NO WAY I wouldn’t get a pin!

Hahaha Amber decided to give him a few hard kicks (for complaining and trying to AVOID my kicks!) She kicked him so hard that he “fell forward” touching amber with his gross beta hands. Amber screams at him for attacking her as he continues to fall to the ground. Amber told me that we have no choice but to punish him and beat him while he’s down. There’s just NO WAY us Mean Girls would let a perv get away with what he did. We stomped on him SO HARD that you could hear his bones crack hahaha! Now that I’ve mastered ball busting, I’m off to get a badge in whip making.

-Miss Lexi Chase

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