Mean Girls Incorporated- The Beatings Will Continue Until Moral Improves

Amber is Vice President of Mean Girls Incorporated.  Mya is interviewing to be the new "Head of Slave Motivation"

Amber explains how things work around here, which is basically that all of the "grunt work" is done by losers that we use as legit slave labor.  Amber asks Mya how she thinks she would "motivate" the slave labor workforce here at Mean Girls Incorporated to work HARDER and MAKE US MORE MONEY.  Mya says "That's easy- just BEAT them harder!"

Sounds like a pretty reasonable plan!  So Amber takes Mya over to one of the cubicles where she has a slave is working for her right now.  Amber explains that sales were down this month and blames the slave. 

Mya notices right away that this idiot is sitting in a chair- well, we will NOT be having any more of that!  Slaves don't get to sit in chairs.  Chairs are for PEOPLE.  And slaves are NOT "people".  Mya even has some other suggestions for how to motivate this slave.  (She explains that the more uncomfortable the slave is, the harder it will work.)  

Then Mya begins to use her cane, and the beating begins...and this slave better WORK HARDER and also learn to THANK its new "Boss" as she beats it!!!