The Mean Girls Office- Behind The Scenes

Sometimes people wonder about the "behind the scenes" workings of The Mean Girls. This clip shows the way the Main Mean Girls run thing around here and keep slaves motivated. It starts with "watercooler talk" between Tina and Platinum. Of course, a slave is cowering at their feet, just waiting to obey their every command. Platinum decides that a shoe-shine is in order.

So she simply snaps her fingers...and the slave immediately begins lapping at her leather work pumps to bring them to a shine for her. Then it is off to one of the slave cubicles. The slaves are on their knees (no office chairs for slave! They work on their KNEES 24/7!) as they are editing videos and promoting Our clips. They immediately get into proper position when the "Bosses" enter their cubicle.

Tina and Platinum want a report on sales. (Slaves do all the work around here- and WE just collect all the $$$!! Haha.) The fat slave has been working for Platinum, while the bald one has been working for Tina. Unfortunately for "baldy", Tina's clip sales are lower than Platinum's.

Of course, this is blamed entirely on the slave. So Tina and Platinum decide to teach these slaves a lesson, and also "motivate" them to work harder in the process! The fatso loser is allowed to kiss, sniff, and inhale the scent of BOTH Platinum AND Tina's stockinged feet!! This is like ecstacy to a pathetic fat fuck like this. He is SO lucky!!

And Platinum and Tina make sure it is done right in front of the bald loser so he can see what he is missing- and how GOOD slaves are REWARDED around here for making $$$ for their Masters!! Now it is on to this disappointing bald fuck...what does HE get?? A good BEATDOWN, that's what!! And the fat loser is made to watch his punishment too! So they BOTH learn from this lesson! MAKE MONEY FOR YOU MASTERS, OR YOU GET BEATEN!!!