Mean Girls Trample Losers for Content

All of us at the Mean Girl Manor got dressed up and ready to go out for the night. Obviously, we look SUPER HOT which means we have to take A LOT of pictures so we can post it to our socials and send it to our boyfriends.

The best lighting in the house is probably in the throne room, and we just happened to have a few of our slaves up there waiting to be used. There are four of us, but only three slaves which means we have to share them for our pictures. It worked out PERFECTLY though because two girls could stand on one slave when the others stood on the other slaves. We all took turns taking pictures of each other. Its SUPER important that we get ALL the best angles (and we can always crop out the losers later if they ruin the pic). Princess Amber had just gotten a new dress and therefore wanted to get like 100 pics in it (I mean she looked so good, so its like totally understandable) But this old whiney fck kept MOVING and yelling during her pics which made her look blurry. Princess Amber even tried PLANTING her stiletto heels into its body to get more stability but that only made the slave squirm more! (Ughhh its so annoying when slaves do that).

Princess Chanel and myself were just sitting on these losers taking selfies when all of the sudden geezer ROLLS OVER while Amber was standing on top of it! The old dumb fuck is so stupid because Amber dug her heels in even more and slid down the side of it and cut it open lol. Obviously she got pissed off and dragged him to the stairs and pushed him down before bringing in some other loser to step on. She called it Trample Jesus… whatever that’s supposed to mean. Princess Amber made it clear to us that we could only step on the top half of it because she wanted to save the bottom half of its body to use later hahaha. This slave was SO STILL that we were all able to take the best pictures and NONE of them got ruined.

- Princess Alexandria

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