Mean Girls Tribunal Episode 4: Piggy Slave

We keep it a secret from our slaves, but all through the Mean Girl Manor we have security cameras monitoring them 24/7. We caught this one fat piggy slave on numerous occasions breaking the rules and committing "lewd acts" (like sniffing our worn panties and shoes!) all over the manor. Needless to say, he really needs to go on trial and be formally accused of his crimes. During the trial he totally breaks and tries to apologize, but it's too late for that. He is so pathetic that it just makes us want to beat him MORE. One reason why we started filming these tribunals is because we want to warn other slaves not to follow the bad examples of other slaves. Sometimes we might even beat another slave just to motivate all of the others to behave better as a group. A form of "summary justice" I guess you can call it. So basically all three of us are really disgusted with his behavior and whip the living fuck out of him. We just keep going till we tire out. In fact we decide that we are going to beat him everyday till we feel he's learned his lesson.  And it's only day one for this fat loser- I wonder what the beating will be like tomorrow?

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