More Cow Bell

So Auntie Platinum and I are having fun kicking one of our slaves in the balls, and we have its legs spread nice and wide for us using a new leg-spreader bar to give us COMPLETE access to its tender balls.  We also have its hands cuffed behind its back so it can NOT block our kicks!! 

And we are kicking it with our extremely POINTY-TOED designer heels!  I am wearing my brand new Louboutins that some loser bought me, and Platinum has her pointy-toed Jimmy Choos on!  The slave seems to be in a lot of pain from being kicked with our pointy toed shoes, but we don't really care...this is all about OUR fun!

We decide to make it even MORE fun for us by attaching a cow bell to the slave's neck so we can "ring that bell" with our kicks!  Haha.  We kick the slave and whenever it collapses at our feet, we laugh as we hear its cow bell ring!

We are both pretty competitive, so it isn't long before we are competing to see who can ring the slave's bell the most! 

After a couple of kicks all we can do is keep kicking HARDER so we can hear "MORE COWBELL!!!  HAHAHAHA.....

<3 Princess Amber <3