My Husband Just Sat Here

Princess Chanel sees that her husband has left the toilet seat up again. He’s always in such a hurry to get to work in the morning that he forgets to put the toilet seat back down and doesn’t even realize how his piss splashes all over the rim. He’s so inconsiderate sometimes but it’s not really his fault. The slave should have checked to see if the toilet seat was up and put it back down. Princess Chanel calls her slave over and orders him to clean the toilet with his tongue. She enjoys taunting the slave. How does it feel that my husband leaves the toilet seat up and you’re paying for it? Do you feel like a dumbass? She tells the slave he should be honored to lick the seat that her ass has sat on and makes him thank her for the privilege.

Princess Ashley walks in to use the bathroom and asks what’s going on. Princess Chanel explains that she’s making the slave lick the toilet clean with his tongue because her husband left the seat up again. Princess Ashley loves it and starts ordering the slave around. She tells the slave to lick the inside of the toilet. She makes him put his head all the way inside the bowl and lick it clean. Just for fun she flushes the toilet with the slaves head in the bowl. Princess Ashley tells the slave that if the toilet isn’t fucking spotless by the time he is done with it she is going to shiiiit in it and make him eat it! This clip really does a great job showing the difference between how husbands / boyfriends get treated vs. how slaves are treated.