National Boot and Booty Day

Princess Ava just happens to be wearing a pair of super hot shiny thigh-high boots, which is totally normal for her. She LOVES being so over-top-hot that jaws drop when people see her. Some loser literally strips down and crawls over to her and BEGS just to lick her boots.

He informs her that apparently, this is "National Boots Awareness Day"- which is a day when any girl can wear boots out in public and men who are attracted to them are allowed (ENCOURAGED even!) to literally crawl over to them and beg to kiss their boots! If the girl wants to, she will allow the "boot loser" to worship her boots. It is all a part of "fetish awareness" and is done in the name of "equity and inclusion" for the fetish community! Princess Ava takes full advantage of the "boot freak" after luring him in and puts him to work worshiping her boots! (And she didn't even KNOW about this holiday! She just happened to be wearing boots today!) Soon she is even using the "boot weirdos" tongue to literally wipe off the BOTTOM of her boots on! She then sees the announcement on twitter about this "new holiday"- and she sends a message out to all her hot girlfriends about it so they know to wear boots today!

It is so much fun to take advantage of boot addicts and make them worship you and lick your boots! Princess Ava eventually has this loser fully trained as a boot-licker and starts making him literally beg just to kiss her famously perfect ass next. If he licks her boots good enough, she says she will let him have one kiss on her INCREDIBLE booty that people around the world literally BEG for...

- Princess Amber

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