New Princess Alexandria Footslaps a Bitch

This clip is an absolute highlight reel of why it’s great to be a Mean Girl.  Not only are We having fun beating the hell out of one of the hapless losers who pays Us thousands of dollars every month just to be allowed to be abused by Us, better yet, one of the other losers who pays for a membership on Our website watching all the fucked up stuff We do to these idiots, he decided to cough up a bunch more cash to have Us pull the naked mole rat out of its cage and kick it over and over in its head until it was senseless...  all in order to show Our Newest Princess and Mean Girl, Alexandria, just how pathetic the "beta bitches" in Our lives really are...  

Watch as We take this thing out of its cage and then proceed to destroy its head, face, and body with kicks, slaps, and stomps from the soles and toes of Our perfect feet...  This clip proves the point, We can do anything We wanted to them whatsoever.  

Get the clip and see all the action... kicking it in the head countless times… slapping its worthless head and face with the bottoms of Our feet… slapping and smashing it over and over and spitting on its face, laughing at it, and tormenting it countless other ways

Goddess Platinum