Old Man Servant

Im such a Bratty School Girl. I love my School uniform with bare Legs and wearing Flats. I arrive home with my Old Slave carrying my books, head down and obviously a totally broken Old man who serves a young arrogant schoolgirl like me. I walk over and sit on the sofa Unwinding, I order my slave on his knees and he crawl over still holding my books. I order him to place the books to one side and to Kneel directly at my feet face down. I kick up one foot and flex it around his face and remind him of the long day I had at school and walking around shopping. "TAKE MY SHOES OFF AND RUB MY FEET" I order him he immediately does. I verbally humiliate him and remind him he has missed his lunch break, but that just leaves more money that can be spent on Me and I verbally break him down while sitting back, getting my feet massaged, checking on my nails etc. I force this old man to Lick and kiss the bottom of my soles and declare his total ownership by me.

Empress Jennifer