Our Favorite Shoes

Lexi and I had been out shopping all day with my slave's credit card, only to find him upset that we have been spending soooo much of his money. (Apparently it's difficult for him to keep up with my spending habits LOL). I reminded him that every time I wear these high heels, I just can’t help myself but to spend spend spend! “I just feel so confident in these shoes, like I can buy ANYTHING!”

The look on this loser’s face was priceless! Hahaha So as a “reward” Lexi and I decided to give him a little fashion show! It wasn’t a fashion show of all the sexy things we had just bought, but rather all of our favorite shoes for special occasions!!!! Just the thought of seeing us strut around looking hot got this old geezer excited!

We walk into the closet to change our shoes into another one of our favorites and use that “alone” time to laugh at what a pathetic fool he is! One by one, we strut into his view looking hotter every time and then DEMONSTRATING ON HIM why these particular shoes are our favorites….. (for each occasion LOL) “We have favorites for EVERYTHING….. don’t you wanna know what for? Could be my favorite shoes for worshiping…. or perhaps they’re my favorite for TRAMPLING LOSERS! HAHAHAHAHA”. Lexi and I always know how to have a good time, especially when it comes to tormenting “the help” LOL


- Princess Amber

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