As the two hottest girls at our school, it’s only expected that we would be head cheerleaders too! Since leading the cheer squad, Alex and I have assigned the ugly lezbo girl to be the equipment cleaner. (She doesn’t deserve a “manager” title) Every day she’s supposed to clean our uniforms and carry our pom pom’s, along with whatever tedious task that we don’t wanna do ourselves… like completing our homework (EWE) while we practice cheer or whatever.

Most days we just make our with our boyfriends, which is why it’s SUPER important for our uniforms to be spotless (sometimes our boyfriends get them messy lol). After practice, I realized I don’t see the equipment slut anywhere…. Only to find her lazing around! “Where are my pom pom’s bitch?” Idk if she was frightened to see me or just shocked that I was actually talking to her but she couldn’t seem to remember where she put them. (I KNEW THIS BITCH WAS LYING, CAUSE SHES AN UGLY JEALOUS WHORE!) I’m literally annoyed that this whore can’t even do the several tasks I give her!!!

“Did you even clean the uniforms? Cause this one is DIRTY! And did you finish my homework like you said you would?!?!?!” Outraged by her lack of work ethic, I decided to suffocate her with my ASS!!! It doesn’t take long before Alex finds me taking this bitch’s breath away and wants to join in on the torment. “Since you didn’t clean our uniforms, you can clean my pussy!” Alex literally had this slut stick her tongue out while Alex smothered her face in a thong HAHAHAHA. (It’s just SO HARD to find good help these days, so we have to enforce STRICT PUNISHMENT!) We managed to make her black out a few times before we decided worse torment is yet to come for this slut!