Panty Fan Mail


Paying For Our Panties - LONG VERSION (720HD). This is just some insight into what really happens when you buy OUR personal items. First of all, we POPULAR Girlz know that EVERYTHING that we touch is like super precious to you losers. Just because it has been worn on OUR bodies makes it like HOLY to you. LOL. And that includes especially our PANTIES! Because trust us, our used panties are as close as a loser like you will EVER get to our pussies!

And we really did get some loser that bought BOTH of our panties and we really are filling out the envelopes and sealing them up in ziplock baggies to send off to him! (So Ryse, you will DEFINITELY want to download this clip! LOL! Just to hear us laugh at you...)

And just for the record, anybody that buys our stuff not only REALLY does get it sent to by us, but you might even get a phonecall from a blocked number like this slave did! Not to mention a video like this of Us sending our panties, socks, shoes etc to you...

Download the clip to hear what he paid and what we have to say about him! And yes, this clip is 10 dollars because sales of it go towards Us getting MORE stuff for US!

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