Party Shoes for Pig-Slave

I am showing Princess Skylar how fucking insignificant the slaves are that we keep around the Mean Girl Desert Compound. Like, they are SO pathetic that you can make them literally lick the dirt off the soles of your shoes at the snap of your fingers. And I explain to her that these pieces of sh*it are SO pathetic that they are GRATEFUL just to lick the dirt you have stepped on off of your shoes! She absolutely LOVES it- and goes on to talk about how filthy these old shoes of hers are, and how they are covered in all kinds of filth from her nights out at the clubs, going to parties, etc. (You can really see the filth in the close-ups on this clip too!)

We decide to make the slave lick EVERYTHING off of every part of her shoes. And I totally love Skylar's attitude toward slaves. She totally makes fun of how fat this one is and talks about how maybe we should put it on an "all-shoe-filth diet" so that all it gets to eat from now on is the dirt and gunk on the bottom of our shoes! I love it! We totally laugh our asses off right in the slave's face. Skylar told me off-camera that she absolutely loves how around here she doesn't have to "hold back" and if she thinks some old loser is a fat ass and totally beneath her, that she can just TELL him that right to his face! And I let her know that is EXACTLY how it is around here! She thinks she can totally get used to this... :)

-Princess Carmela

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