Picky Eater Slave

This slave has been held down in the basement holding cell of the Mean Girl Desert Punishment Camp for a few days now.  It's "crime"?  Just being fat and ugly.  And can you believe that it complained about the only meal we fed it the previous day??  So now it will learn its lesson...when Ashley and I are done with it, it will learn to be GRATEFUL for ANYTHING we feed it!!

By the way, this is REAL dawwgg food!  You can see us open up the can on camera and it smells GROSS!  TRUST us!  We can't even stand it ourselves- and we aren't even the ones that will have to eat it! Haha.  So we totally feed this slop to the slave and it better EAT it!

Then to make it even WORSE for the slave, we drag it out of its cage and out into the desert- so we can dump its food literally into the sand and DIRT- and make it EAT that disgusting filth off of our boots!

By the time we are done with it, it is SO humble and grateful for our scraps...and guess what?  It says it isn't even hungry anymore!  Haha!!!

 FEATURING:  Princess Ashley, Princess Chanel