Piggy Bank Cuck In A Cage

Princess Amber dates nothing but hot, young guys.  REALLY hot, young guys.  But sometimes they don't have a lot of money- but that doesn't bother her.  Because she keeps a pathetic old foot-cuck locked up in a cage, and uses IT to pay for her dates!  Its a win-win for Princess!

Its really the best situation- she dates hot young guys, and just uses some pathetic old foot-freak fuck to pay for it all!  Amber can make withdrawals from her "Cuck Piggie Bank" whenever she feels like it.  She just has to dangle her shoe in front of it and tease it with her PERFECT foot...and the piggie is literally oinking and BEGGING to give her more $$$ for her dates!!

This time Amber is EXTRA mean!  She talks on her phone to her latest stud really LOUD so the poor cucky-pig in the cage next to her can hear all the intimate details of what his Princess just did on her date.  (Watch the clip to hear what it is...it drives her cuck-in-a-cage CRAZY!!!)

Then she takes the cuck-pig out of its cage and lets it worship her feet after they have been in her shoes ALL NIGHT...but of course it will cost her cuck-pig even MORE $$$!!!  Poor little piggie...all its dignity was taken from it a looooong time ago....now it does whatever Princess Amber says...just so it can sniff and kiss Princess Amber's FEET.  Princess Amber thinks it is PATHETIC - and tells it so right to its FACE - but she has no problem USING the old man and taking all its money!! 

Princess Amber takes even MORE money from her piggie-bank cuck slave and even CALLS her  hot date back to brag about it and discuss where they are going to go on the old loser's dime.  Her young stud asks her if she is "fucking that old man" to get so much money from him.  Amber just LAUGHS and takes a picture of the old man's chastity device that she keeps him locked in 24/7 and sends it to her stud!  OMG whatta FREAK!!

Her slave is SO humiliated as his Princess and her newest boyfriend laugh their asses off at him...and then she simply tosses him back into his cage because she is done with him now.  She has taken all his money, humiliated him, degraded him- and now simply tosses him back in his cage until she is ready to use him again.

But in a final act of kindness, she tosses her worn heels into her cucky piggie-bank's cage so he can sniff the insides of them in his cage while she goes out on her next date with its credit card!