Prove It To Us

Princess Alexandria wants to start "using" one of her personal slaves to serve her AND her BF. She has already gotten the slave to agree- that was EASY. It was either this, or...bye bye slave! So the slave obviously groveled at her feet and BEGGED to remain in her life- even if it meant having to serve her BF too. Now Princess Alexandria and Her Alpha are seated on the couch, and it is the "moment of truth"- she has a "surprise" for him! She has gotten a "servant" for BOTH of them to use for whatever they want 24/7! She snaps her fingers and "it" crawls in. She explains that they can just keep it out in the garage. It will sleep in a cardboard box in the corner when they are not using it. He can't believe this! How can they afford it?

She explains that it is FREE! This idiot is just some "simp" from her OF that agreed to do ANYTHING to be in her life- so she came up with THIS arrangement! Isn't it GREAT?? The Alpha BF isn't so sure....he's obviously "into" can he allow some other dude to be around "his" girl??? Alexandra explains right in front of the simp that "this thing means NOTHING to me, babe! I am just USING it for US!" The simp is cruuushed as she says this and KISSES her "man" right in front of him!!! After their makeout session, Alpha says he wants "proof"! So they decide to "put this simp to the test" as a COUPLE!

- Princess Mia

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