Return of the Chastity Boss Part 1

Miss Amber is a rising star in the company now. She has slashed company expenses (for stupid things like "salaries") by firing employees that don't obey her every command, and broken sales records at the same time, using her "trimmed but 100% obedient" staff! They work SO hard for her since she put them in 24/7 chastity! She now has 2 of them groveling at her feet in her corner office, with one massaging her stockinged feet, while the other shines up her work Louboutin heels.

She has them SO desperate to please her and working SO hard for her! The chastity devices seem to be having the desired affect, as these once proud "males" from the "old boys club" now grovel at her feet every day in the office like well-trained puppies. Their minds are mush after MONTHS in chastity now. But they have been told that if they won this month's sales contest, the winner would be let out of chastity!

But there is some bad seems there was a....TIE! Miss Amber had BOTH these reps literally break sales records!! But unfortunately, a tie means there was NO what does she do? Does she let them BOTH out of their chastity for 5 minutes of worship"? she SO cruel that she calls it a "push" and makes them go ANOTHER month??? Miss Amber has made up her mind, but she decides to let them BEG amuses her to watch grown men twice her age BEG at her feet like pathetic fools...

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