Search For A Sissy Maid

Lexi Chase and I are on the search for a NEW house bitch. Someone super submissive, EXTREMELY obedient, and able to do all the things that we don't wanna! After a long day of interviews, we finally find a sissy who shows signs of potential. We ask him a series of interview questions that involve things important to us, like.... "Would you complain if we locked you under the bed to clean up any mess we might make with our hot boyfriends?" We did mention that he may have to eat some cum or perhaps some "used" items lol. The look on his face was SO pathetic, typical interview nerves I suppose hahaha. Although we were skeptical, we just got so bored of interviewing losers that we decided to give him a chance.... that is, a chance to prove himself, DUHHH! We made him clean our shoes and rub our feet as we used him for our personal entertainment HAHA! What a lucky sissy maid! LOL