Shallow Slave Facesitting

With hot girl summer right around the corner, the Mean Girl Manor is in desperate need of some new patio furniture. Good thing there’s a ton of losers for us to use until we find the perfect thing. The water is finally warming up, but like we don’t want to get COMPLETELY WET and like have to do our hair and makeup again, Ew! So a lounge chair is the best thing to use in the shallow end of the pool for OUR CONVENIENCE!

Princess Skylar never misses and opportunity to take pics, she LOVES posting to social media. Anytime she can rub it in some poor pathetic loser’s face that she is hot and they will NEVER have the chance to be near her, she takes it LOL. She really knows how to get the best angles too, which means MORE CONTENT! I try my best not to be greedy with the new lounge chair in the pool, especially since we have a guest (Princess Alex). A gracious host should ALWAYS offer up the best seat to ensure their guests are comfortable, and I think Princess Alex really enjoyed herself.

As soon as she sat down on the chair, you can just see how relaxed she became… the stressed just melted off her hot body. But Princess Skylar is not one to miss out on a good photo, and I am SUPER CRITICAL of making sure our bikinis are looking their best, which means we have to TEST THEM OUT!. One by one, we all got our bikini bottoms wet, bouncing in the water, thrusting our hips and getting a little soaked. We were so intent on making sure that our bikinis looked good that we forgot about the new lounge chair in the pool. I guess you could say that we broke it in… but just like our bikinis, once it stops being useful to us IT WILL GET TOSSED OUT! Lol

Princess Amber

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