Shockingly Profitable

Princess Skylar and I are just hanging out talking about the slaves that we own, and the ones that we have under consideration for serving us, when I mention that Princess Alexandria is bringing a new slave over that she just acquired.  He begged to serve her online and she put him through his paces online until she finally allowed him to serve her.  Now she is bring it over so we ALL can have a turn taking advantage of it!  

When Alexandria shows up she shows off how obedient it is to her.  I make sure to let her know that the more it suffers in our videos, the more $$$ she will earn from its suffering!  Alexandria LOVES that idea!  Especially since she doesn't care about this "thing" at ALL.  She says it could SCREAM in agony for HOURS and she couldn't care less.  LOL!

So we strap BALLSHOCKERS on it and we ALL have some FUN sending electricity through it balls AND its neck at the same time!  Alexandria just laughs at its suffering as we discuss how much $$$ she will make...

Apparently, the super-high-power one we have attached to its neck like REALLY hurts??  LOL oh well... it's fun for US!!  You need to see this loser trying SO hard to withstand all the "juice" we shoot through its body so it can make $$$ for its Princess.  Oh, and we make sure to handcuff its hands behind its back so there is NO way it is reaching for those shockers to take them off!!  (Not that it would ever do that...Alex has this bitch like SO well trained!!  I was really impressed.)

*(BTW this is Princess Alexandria's REAL LIFE SLAVE and she talks in the clip about the stuff that she really makes it do for her off-camera and stuff!  She is like SO cruel!  Who else wants to serve her??)*

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