Shoe Worship Boosts My Ego

You know what makes me feel REALLY good about myself before going on a date with a guy that I am really into? Using, mistreating, and really humiliating one of my old-man slaves. It reminds me of when I used to pick on the nerds in high school before a cheerleading competition. There was just nothing better than spitting in some nerd's face and telling it what a loser it was to really give me a nice "boost of self-confidence" before a competition! There is just something about walking all over some loser that makes me feel better about myself!

So before my date comes to pick me up, I have one of my old-man slaves literally polish my shoes with its TONGUE- just to make me laugh. It really is a good shine, don't get me wrong, but it is more about making some "lesser being" literally lick the filth off my shoes that gives me a real ego boost. ESPECIALLY when I make it lap up the filth off the very BOTTOM of my shoes...haha. So disgusting. I wonder what it's like to lick the filth off the soles of someone else's shoes?  Oh wait, date is here. Fuck off old man. LOL

(My favorite part of this clip is when I literally KICK THE OLD MAN IN THE FACE and shove it away from me when my date arrives! haha)

-Princess Amber