Shopping Reward for DumDum

This is Part 3 of the full clip "Simping For Lexi Chase"

Miss Lexi Chase has just gotten home from shopping with her slave that she simply refers to as Her "DumDum". She is admiring in the mirror how incredible her legs look in these new, sexy Louboutins. DumDum is literally groveling at her feet while Miss Chase admires herself. She knows how beautiful she is and that she DESERVES to be literally worshiped. Eventually Miss Chase decides to give her pathetic admirer a "reward" for buying her new Louboutins.

She tells "DumDum" to kneel before her and spread its legs! Its reward will be a kick in the balls from the pointed-toe shoes that it just bought! Miss Chase even makes "DumDum" THANK her after the kick, as it rolls on the ground at her feet...while she continues to admire herself in the mirror. Miss Chase is so happy with her new shoes and how incredible they make her amazing legs look, that she decides to give her "Dumdum" several MORE "rewards"!

And all the stupid DudDum simp can do is spread its legs each time she says "UP!" and then THANK her for each kick! After all, it needs to be GRATEFUL for anything it gets from the Beautiful Miss Lexi Chase- even if it is a kick in the balls with the expensive, pointy-toed shoes it just bought her!

Miss Chase even laughs about how hot the shoes will look on her while she wears them during sex