Sidewalk Saliva

Whenever Amber and I go for a walk, we like to take some loser to drag around behind us. Plus it makes as a GREAT chair whenever we get tired and need a break from strutting in our heels. It's pretty hot outside so we make sure to stay hydrated, occasionally spitting on the sidewalk for this idiot to get it's tongue wet. (I mean, it’s LUCKY to even get that privilege) Plus it ensures that it’ll have NO excuse to complain about being “thirsty”.

We decide that we want this one to slither on its belly on the hot pavement behind us like the worm it is, as we casually and elegantly walk around in our stilettos, sipping on a cool refreshing drink. This worm has to crawl behind us, kissing the ground we walk on.

Every now and then we turn and spit on the pavement in front of its ugly face. OMG you should hear the freak BEG at our feet for that glob of spit just because it came out of OUR divine mouth! To think…we used to completely reject and ignore desperate losers like this...but now we have learned how much FUN it is to keep them around just to HUMILIATE and control them like this! The Power Trip is unbelievable. ESPECIALLY when you make them PAY YOU! LOL

Amber and I reminisce about the night before and how much fun we had! We’re ALWAYS meeting hot guys and getting losers to pay for everything (Like they SHOULD!) Hot girls like us get WHATEVER we want, WHEN we want it.. that’s just common knowledge. Because we had the BEST time the other night, we wanna go out AGAIN! And why shouldn’t we? Hot girls can’t waste their beauty by staying indoors, EW!

Amber sits on this loser so she can rest her feet, but makes it continuing crawling. Apparently this moron is SO WEAK, that it DROPPED Amber!!!! (IT KNOWS IOT FUCKED UP AND IS GOING TO BE PAYING FOR THIS FOR A LONG TIME!) FURIOUS, Amber yanks this fcking idiot by the collar and starts DESTROYING his balls! (Which it TOTALLY deserves) You can tell Amber’s kicks are BRUTAL by the way this loser’s eyes are bugging out hahahaha. Despite it falling to the ground after each kick, Amber COMMANDS that it get back up RIGHT AWAY to take MORE kicks! I mean SERIOUSLY, you DO NOT drop a princess.. EVER!!!!

Amber and I are SO UPSET by this, because now we have to take time from OUR PLANS, to give this IDIOT a proper Mean Girl Punishment (PAIN, IT WILL BE RECEIVING AN INCREDIBLE AMOUNT OF PAIN!) I don’t often see Amber this angry, but you know when she gets like this that SHE WILL NOT STOP UNTIL SHE’S SATISFIED with your misery!

- Miss Lexi Chase

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