Sissy Slave Takes Pain

In this clip, Princess Skylar is wearing her thigh-high latex boots while having a restrained loser lick them up and down. It’s honestly such a privilege for this slave to be THAT CLOSE to a hot pretty girl. Literally, the ONLY thing between Skylar's long soft legs and the loser's tongue, are those black shiny boots!

Princess Skylar explains to it that the other slaves are getting “jealous” of the special treatment it’s been getting. (The Mean Girls are transitioning this slave from male to female for their own personal amusement) However, because of this intensive program this sissy doesn’t get beaten as badly as the other slaves… which is like actually kinda unfair.

That’s why Princess Skylar has made it her mission to really ease the tension in the house between this bimbo and the other pain sluts... Princess Skylar reasons with this loser and explains that NO SLAVE is exempt from pain at the Mean Girl Manor. She literally doesn’t care that it’s not a pain slave and has like ZERO tolerance for it lol.

This is why it’s SO IMPORTANT to beat your slaves on a regular basis… it allows them to get more accustomed to the pain and not cry like little bitches. (Unfortunately for them, we LOVE making them cry like little bitches, beating them harder and harder every time LOL) Skylar uses her crop to COMPLETELY BREAK this beta bitch….

If the intense yelling doesn’t give it away, its BRIGHT RED ass sure will hahahahahahah

- Princess Amber


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