Slave Punished For Missed Orgasms

Princess Skylar is upset because she had to come in on her day off. She was hanging with her alpha when Princess Amber asked if she could come over and beat some slaves. One of the Mean Girls called in sick, and Amber couldn’t whip all the slaves by herself (it would honestly just take TOO long… so annoying). So Princess Skylar shows up to help Princess Amber with the chore of punishing slaves. Princess Skylar had plans to fuck her alpha ALL DAY LONG!

They hadn’t had sex in twelve whole hours so you can only imagine how she must be feeling. Hot girls deserve pleasure ALL OF THE TIME! And when that pleasure gets taken away because of a SLAVE!!!!!! (It’s not going to end well). This slave in particular was the reason a Mean Girl called out. The Mean Girl went out with her friends and demanded that it buy her and her friends drinks! The slave tried to say it was in an “impossible” position. (Since a slave isn’t allowed to say NO to a goddess, but knew she had to help Princess Amber next day) So what if its a lose lose situation, Princess Skylar is PISSED OFF because she wasn’t able to GET OFF with her alpha.

Now she whips this loser for EVERY orgasms she MISSED, just so she could be there. Obviously you losers have NO IDEA how many times a girl can cum (something only an alpha with a big cock knows how to do), but watch this clip and you might find out hahahahaha

- Goddess Draya


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